Influencers for Photography to Follow on Instagram

Influencers for photography

As a photographer or lover of great shots, you should follow some influencers for photography on Instagram. This will brighten your feed and help you see trends in your preferred niche. It can even unleash your creative energy so that you can also make this world look stunning through your lens. These talented photographers have great insights into their passions. 

Here are some influencers of photography you should definitely be following.

  • @Alan_Schaller 

Alan Schaller hails from London and loves to capture the urban scene. He builds enchanting narratives and has been lauded as a Leica Ambassador. His niche is street photography, strictly captured in black and white tones. If you love street photography, you will definitely get inspired by his unique style and ability to make his viewers think about their place in this world as an individual. 

  • @PhoenixMichelePhotography

Phoenix Michele is an influencer from Dallas, Texas, and has cemented herself as a guide for budding Instagram photographers and users. Her unique sense of style and ability to capture timeless images that hold wonderful memories is practically an art form. Her true passion lies in getting pictures of candid moments of loving families and friends. 

  • @Monaris 

Paola Franqui lives in New York, known for capturing emotions and moments that most people wouldn’t know to capture. She started with a simple iPhone as her photography equipment and still managed to make a name in street photography. 

Following these influencers for photography will help you get a better idea about the trends on Instagram related to photography. These influencers have been lauded as the best of the best when it comes to photography platforms on Instagram. 


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