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“Video content is 50 times more likely to drive organic search results than plain text will.” (OmnicoreAgency.com). I am such a big fan of video content! Not just because video content performs so well, but because to me it brings color to your brand. Words and photos can only do so much. People want to get to know YOU! If you do not have any ideas on topics, check out my FREE IGTV Guide with topics and ideas. So one of the TOP questions that I get asked about creating videos on the go, is what are the best apps to use? Well, check out my list of phone apps below.


Trello or iPhone Notes

Before creating videos, you first need an idea. I love using my iPhone Notes and Trello for when I have an idea pop into my head. So in order to get started with your idea you need to draft it out. Trello is really great for drafting out your ideas because you can organize all of your thoughts. In order to organize your thoughts you need to have categories and some organization, to get started and to continue especially if you want to be consistent.

Consistency is critical in order to grow your content specially when creating IGTV videos. You want your brand to relay truth and and be seen as valid and the only way to do this is by being consistent.


Teleprompter or BigVu 

So you get nervous and stumble over your words? Well,  guess what, write it out and use a teleprompter app. The words will show on your screen and you will be less likely to stumble over your words. This will help you build confidence. We all get nervous and ramble at times. Getting a teleprompter app will help out so much.

You have time to get your thoughts together AND rehearse. The words will come falling out a lot easier. By having a teleprompter you will have your thoughts written out. An outline can also reduce the amount of rambling that may happen if you’re just going off the cuff. The TelePrompter app is really helpful, but you have to be careful in order to not look like you are reading off a teleprompter. I recommend doing some practice videos first, so you will look so professional.

Spark Camera

This is video app can help to create vlogs or product videos. You can easily create clips that link up together into one video. You can also edit clips if it is too long or short. Spark camera is a really great app to create vlog content. I enjoy it because it’s very much an editing type of program. You can do is create small clips and then piece them all together.

This makes it easy if you’re on the go and you don’t want to carry a whole bunch of equipment or you know you are worried about data space or storage is very helpful for that. Also with this app you can add your music you can add filters and adjust your timeline like you would in your normal video editing program.


To create slides and covers for your videos to post on multiple platforms. You can also create borders and frames for your videos. Canva is such a great tool to get started because there is a free version and a pro version. The free version will get you by actually really really well, so you don’t have to be concerned with buying another subscription program or anything like that.

Canva has multiple options and you can add your brand colors using hex codes or your favorite fonts. I know for me I love being sure that I can match up all my branding consistently. I  do not have my hex code memorized but I do have it saved on my phone.

Also with Canva you’re able to make any kind of size post that you want so if you want to do a Facebook post an Instagram post an Instagram story post IGTV post you really can. so this will help you out in the long run to keep everything all the same and consistent over time. It is a great tool for creating your marketing material as well. So what you could do is start off with creating a cover for your IGTV channel then you could use that cover to post on your stories and then make it a different size for your feed.


To create a slideshow, you can use images, create a voiceover, and add music. This phone app is also great for video as well. If you do not have any video content you can reuse some of your older content. You can use old photos and create a slideshow with an introduction of yourself or some products if you’re selling any kind of products for your store brand.

Inshot is really great because it’s a different way to animate some of your photos. We always want to have diverse content to keep our audience engaged, grow our audience, and show off our skills. So it is critical to always try to create evergreen content. Evergreen content is content that will stand the test of time and can be repurposed. No one will ever really know and be able to date it. For example, you can look at some photos right now you can say oh yeah there goes that big hair from the 80s right? Yeah well guess what, we don’t want to have that at all. Let me repeat. At. All.

Overall Thoughts

All of these phone apps will get you started in order to create content for IGTV. I highly suggest them and if you need any help be sure to reach out to me by my Instagram or email. I am here for you and I would be glad to help out! and with all of this we all can win. Be sure to connect with me and share this post with anybody that can use these tips. These tips work really well for bloggers, small business owners, and influencers.

These phone apps are basics to get your started to advertise your services, products, or being the scenes for your brand and business.

If you want additional help or tips please go to phoenixmichele.com/igtips and join me on Instagram Live every Thursday at 6:30 PM CST. 


Peace and Positive Energy!



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