Elevate Your Brand Using Professional Images

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Elevate Your Brand Using Professional Images In today’s world, brands are omnipresent, and they are competing against each other. In such a competitive market, it’s imperative to create a unique identity for your brand. One of the most effective ways to do so is through visual storytelling, and that’s where professional photographers come in. With […]

2018 Prom Packages

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  Hello everyone! @phoenixmichelephotography and @dameionlorenzo have come together to present to you our 2018 Prom Packages: “The Glow-Up” Prom Package & “The Shine Bright” Prom Package. If you are a girl getting ready for Prom and are in need of a photographer & a makeup artist? Look no further. We are here to make […]

The Best Colors to Wear for a Session

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One questions that I get asked the most is what should I wear for my session. This is a critical part of your sessions, clothes truly can make or break your images. Here are a few ideas starting with color. Patterns and fits are another post for later. Skin Tones Olive skin tones look best […]