The Best Colors to Wear for a Session

One questions that I get asked the most is what should I wear for my session. This is a critical part of your sessions, clothes truly can make or break your images. Here are a few ideas starting with color. Patterns and fits are another post for later.

Skin Tones

Olive skin tones look best with earth tones. Earth tones are deep greens, browns, oranges, and red. Great inspiration for this would be just taking a step outside or at a park.

Medium/Dark skin tones look best with pretty much any color. This skin tone can wear bright colors or dark colors. The

Fair skin tones looks best with navy, burgundy, grays, and browns. These darker colors bring out this skin tone.

Here are some examples for the ladies and gentlemen to check out.

Additional Tips for Consideration

Picking a color by eye color will make your images pop. Brown eyes looks beautiful with jewel tones like purples and blue eyes look great with varying shades of blue, green or hazel eyes look magical with jewels tones as well.

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