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2018 Prom Packages

April 24, 2018

Session Specials

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Hello everyone! @phoenixmichelephotography and @dameionlorenzo have come together to present to you our 2018 Prom Packages: “The Glow-Up” Prom Package & “The Shine Bright” Prom Package. If you are a girl getting ready for Prom and are in need of a photographer & a makeup artist? Look no further. We are here to make your […]

The Best Colors to Wear for a Session

January 1, 2018

Session Tips

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One questions that I get asked the most is what should I wear for my session. This is a critical part of your sessions, clothes truly can make or break your images. Here are a few ideas starting with color. Patterns and fits are another post for later. Skin Tones Olive skin tones look best […]

Cozy Days Mini Sessions! 

November 5, 2017

Session Specials

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Halloween is over so that basically means it’s Christmas. Sure Thanksgiving is not here yet, but it’s basically right around the corner. November is the time to go ahead and get gifts and send off Christmas cards. This mini session will include a bed, Christmas props, and lots of fun! So sign up for a […]

Welcome to the World Sweet Girl

March 26, 2017

Family Photos

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The joy have of expanding your family can come with so many different emotions. Are we ready? What new items will we need? Is it a boy or girl? Names? So I was so happy to be able to peek into this families journey. Waiting patiently for Ms. B. Mom was booked quickly for her […]