The secret to flawless editing in minutes: Evoto AI photo editor simplifies your process

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I am so excited to tell you about a new AI photo editor, called Evoto,  that I have been playing around with for some of my editing for Phoenix Michele Photography. So we all know that AI is getting smarter and better and helping to make our lives easier. However, we all have seen those AI photo editors where people are missing fingers and adding fingers. For whatever reason the AI can’t get the fingers! So, AI can be a really great tool to help speed up your photo editing workflow. Follow through to see some interface images and my edits using this AI photo editor. I even got a little bit of a gift for you all to try Evoto too! 

Consistently looking to improve your photos and also just to bring us something new as a new creativity add a little zest in your life you know add a little bit mouse, so let me tell you about this one program called Evoto. Evoto approached me about their new software and I was intrigued and at first I kinda was like OK what is this? Another AI photo editor program? Let’s see how it works. I’ll judge if it’s really good or not.  I am always looking to make improvements with my edits because it helps me to deliver and improve my workflow. This has been a bit of a struggle in the past year in dealing with all the transitions that’s been happening in my life. So let’s get going! 

Evoto is defined as an AI photo editor software tool. Evoto has been around for 15 years. AI photo retouches are very helpful and we want them to be done. We want them to be done nicely and not to look fake. We all have seen the mistakes and bad retouches where you can see the windows are warped or anything else. I’m looking at you Kim Kardashian! 

Here is a view of the panels that are available with this photo AI editor.

I’ll show you some before and after of how I go through and work on this project altogether. So this project that I will be showing you to edit is actually really fun one so I’d have done some creative shoots with some friends of mine out in the Dallas area for a 90’s inspired Halloween photoshoot. It always seems right before a photo shoot blemishes will appear out of nowhere or makeup smudges. This Halloween inspired photoshoot has a variation of looks to test with.








My absolute favorite tools were the remove face shine. The weather is finally cooler here in Texas, but this summer was absolutely brutal! I can’t tell you the number of shoots record setting high temperatures and shiny clients in photos! This would have saved me sooo much time! Second is the dodge and  burn feature for the close-ups for portraits and headshots.  

In combination with the breakdown and the Evoto start guide you are on your way to using an excellent AI photo editor. Once you set up your account, give me your thoughts on this AI photo editor. 

As a bonus to being a part of my friend gang, you get an extra 30 credits when you sign up! What do you think about AI being used for editing processes and improvements?

  1. Necie says:

    This post really helped me. With holidays and family photos coming up, I will definitely try this out.


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