Tips for Taking Photos in Dallas’ Pop Art Experiences

Pop-up art experiences have grown in popularity around the Dallas/Fort Worth area this year. The photoshoot-worthy rooms bring thousands of guests ready to capture their next set of photos for their brands, social media platforms or any visual medium.

Tips for taking photos in Dallas' pop art experiences


Art experiences are site-specific installments where visitors can view spaces dedicated to artists’ designs. These immersive installations are usually themed with different artists creating rooms where guests can play with props, view their unique artwork and escape into different worlds.

The downside to these innovative spaces are their limited availability. Many installations travel, leaving little time to get awesome photos. As a result, if you have an idea for photos that you really want to execute, it’s best to book your photographer ASAP!


The type of shots you’ll get in these spaces depends on the room. If you want something simple, it wouldn’t be best to choose a location with an eclectic theme. For example, I had a shoot at Candytopia, a very fun and colorful location. All the rooms were very bright and had multiple colors, producing very vibrant and lively photos for a 2020 senior shoot. 

senior holding 20 sliver balloons
lady with red Candytopia balloon
lady sitting against multi colored background

These types of spaces will usually be very colorful and specific, so you’ll have an idea of how your photos will turn out when you choose which location to visit.

Tip: Find the location’s Instagram page and/or hashtag to view their rooms and how previous guests have used them to take photos. The best part about these pop-ups are that they’re created with photography in mind, so it won’t be hard to find photos on social media. You’ll get a great idea of how you can use the rooms before you visit! Pinterest is also a wonderful place to collect ideas, check out my boards.

lady side profile with cloud background
lady with scuba diver statue
lady inside candy shark statue
lady in front of blue Tesla background
lady with blue sea display


Some locations have time limits so you have to be quick! At Candytopia, the first three rooms had a 10-15 minute limit, however, you’re able to spend as much time as you like in the rest of the rooms. The Confetti Room and Marshmallow Pits were my absolute favorites at this location.

lady posing with Frida Kahlo candy portrait
lady looking amongst clear crystals
lady standing in multi-colored walkway
lady smiling with confetti

Tip: Find time limits on the location’s website. It’s usually listed in their FAQs. If no information is listed, don’t assume there isn’t a limit. Call ahead to make sure.


I would recommend wearing very bright colors to go along with the different rooms and then one outfit that’s a neutral color like white, red or pink to make yourself pop out against some of the displays. 

Still confused on what to wear? Check out my tips for color choices.

lady tossing confetti
lady smiling while tossing confetti
lady smiling with confetti and multi-colored background


These experiences usually have admission fees as well as time reservations. Keep in mind that you’ll have to book your photographer and reserve your time slot at the location for the same time. 

Check online if the location allows walk-ins before booking your photographer. 

Some rooms will have props, but bring accessories, like hats and sunglasses, to change your look up a bit. 

lady blowing confetti towards camera
lady laying in marshmallow pit
lady smiling in marshmallow pit
lady giving peace sign in marshmallow pit


Psychedelic Robot – @psychedelicrobot 

Sweet Tooth Hotel – @sweettoothhotel

Rainbow Vomit – @rainbowvomitdallas

  1. Antoinette says:

    This is truly a unique concept. I have gone to my local art gallery to take pictures but I love the idea of having a space dedicated for that purpose. Your work is beautiful, btw!


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