Using Music for Inspiration for Your Photo Sessions

The motivation or theme for the photoshoot can be the key to turning it into a legendary series. The best photographs don’t come that easily because you have to put some thought and reasoning behind them. Only a labor of love with an intention, brainstorming, and perfect execution can be sculpted into something memorable. 

Using music for inspiration for your photo sessions can be one way of changing the direction of the photoshoot towards success. Recently, I transformed a simple photoshoot into one that I can be quite proud of by taking inspiration from Kanye West. 

A trap that no photographer should fall into is that of laziness. I have found that photographers often fall into this trap, which can impact the overall quality of their shoots. To truly immerse myself into my photography, you have to seek inspiration from anywhere that you can. Talented photographers like Chris McCaw and Abelardo can often motivate people to think outside the box. But I have also found that only turning towards what other photographers are doing can also make your photography stale. 

This is why it is vital to take inspiration from places that you may not have thought of. Music can be a reference point that photographers also need to embrace. It is an important feature in everyone’s life since it is a cheap way to escape from the pressure that life puts on you. 

Using music for inspiration for your photo sessions is an art form that is still pretty underrated. But since people have such a huge regard and attachment to the kind of music they listen to, you can really transform your photography by incorporating that into your photoshoots. People become naturally motivated when they listen to music, which is why it is often used for exercising, driving, and even do to chores around the house. So, why would you never choose music for your photography?

There are plenty of people like me who have created photoshoots around the idea of a song or music video. It can be a very effective way to direct the photoshoot since you all have a reference point that you can relate to. By directly representing the song lyrics into your shoot, you can really change the photoshoot into something for the books. 

For example, I have added features of Welcome to Heartbreak into my photoshoot with a pinned broken heart on my model’s suit. It is a small addition to the photoshoot, but it immediately takes the viewer back to the intended song. Creating a body of work that takes the lyrics, word, and message into consideration when designing the shoot can be a game-changer. 


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