4 Tips for Feeling Confident at Your Photoshoot!

People often ask me, “What can I do to feel confident going into my photoshoot?” As a photographer who always wants my clients to feel as good as they look, I’ve decided to include some steps you can take before your photoshoot that will help you feel positive and at-ease going into the experience. I work hard to ensure that my lens captures your best side, but there is nothing more beautiful than self-confidence! Read on to learn my top tips for preparing for your upcoming photoshoot!

#1. Your Smile Says It All

Did you know that your smile is your second most visible physical attribute? It’s also a tool that friends, family members, employees, and everyone else in your life relies on to see how you’re feeling. Studies show that a bright, white smile makes you automatically perceived as more youthful, confident, trustworthy, and healthy. That’s why I always recommend teeth whitening with a cosmetic dentist in South Arlington. In just one easy and convenient visit, your dentist can brighten your teeth up to 8 shades. This is perfect for a last-minute, dramatic change before the cameras start flashing. Say goodbye to the stains and discoloration that affected your self-esteem thanks to professional teeth whitening.

#2. What’s Your Hairstyle Going to Be?

Do you have a go-to look when it comes to your hair? Maybe you like to mix it up? It’s a great idea to have a plan about your hair well-before your photoshoot. Some people like the look of a fresh haircut, while others want to let it grow out for a more natural appearance. Whether you need a trip to the salon, or the barber, planning is key! Especially if you’d like to try out something new, planning ahead will give you time to make a change if you want to go back to your normal style.

#3. Have a Fashion Show!

Whether you love to show off new clothes, or you have a consistent wardrobe throughout the year, now is the time to get the opinions of your friends and family. Model your potential photoshoot outfits and see which one is a hit! If this sounds like too much, trying on a few outfits in front of the mirror well before your photoshoot will at least give you peace of mind and confidence in your look. Afterall, what matters most is how YOU feel, so choose outfits that make your mood the most confident and at ease.

#4. Give Yourself a Last-Minute Refresher

Do you have a makeup routine? Maybe you need one last trim of your beard? No matter what it is, make sure you give yourself some extra time for a little refresher before your photoshoot. I always advise my clients to brush and floss before flashing their grins because bits of food can often get in the way of a perfect smile – your dentist in Arlington has easy recommendations for the best way to care for your teeth.

Photoshoots can cause nerves and anxiety, but with a small amount of preparation, there’s nothing to worry about. Just remember these easy yet effective tips to feel confident, look great, and enjoy the stunning photos to come!


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