Best Mural Locations to Shoot in Dallas, Texas | Locations for Photography in Dallas

Street Art

If you are in Dallas and want some fun shots to post on Instagram or to have a proper video or photography production, you need to look out for murals. The best mural locations to shoot in Dallas, Texas, provide amazing backdrops that can make your photography stand out. 

Cactus Wall

2702 Main Street, Dallas, TX 75226

The cactus wall is a vibrant painting of yellows, blues, and candy tones that look gorgeous. It’s truly a brilliant picture that stands on its own as a backdrop. While the colors may be too busy for portraits, there is still a charm there that photographers can use to their advantage. It sure to be quite hit and definitely worth checking out! 


2606 Swiss Ave., Dallas, TX 75204

The Le Soleil is a stunning piece that is popularly known as the Mural of the Sun. The mural is in Deep Ellum and is known for the warm tones it exudes; it’s like staring into the sun and watching the light flare. It is one of the best mural locations to shoot in Dallas, Texas, making it ideal for photoshoots. You can use a model or even shoot it by itself. But if you really want to make a statement, make sure to choose cool tones for clothing since that will contrast the warm tones of the mural really well. 


210 N. Crowdus St, Dallas, TX 75226

Viva brings playfulness and bright colors into the picture. This colorful art piece with brilliant blues, oranges, yellows, and red screams vibrancy. It looks amazing on the camera and in person! 

The best mural locations to shoot in Dallas, Texas, offer brightness and color! They can be great locations for a photoshoot or video shoot. If you want to hire a photographer to take pictures in these scenic locations, Phoenix Michelle is the photographer for the job! Learn more here


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