Best Locations for Lifestyle Portraits in Dallas

Best Locations to Shoot in Dallas

Lifestyle portraits in Dallas are designed to show a “slice of life.” As a Dallas black female photographer, I have taken my fair share of lifestyle portraits with families, couples, and kids. The point of the portrait series is to give the viewer a story about how they interact with each other.

There are some locations for lifestyle portraits in Dallas that are most suited to this goal. Here are 5 of them!

Downtown McKinney

Downtown McKinney is an outdoor space with plenty of old, rustic buildings. The textures and colors of the buildings are a perfect background for lifestyle portraits. You will be able to change locations quickly, and it is pretty easy to walk around in. The shoot can involve many different backgrounds and activities.

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Addison Circle Park

Addison Circle Park is a 10-acre park in the city, usually for hosting different events. This outdoor location is rife with fountains, stages, and even a pavilion. You can change locations easily, getting the most out of a single photoshoot.


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White Rock Lake

The White Rock Lake offers you a sailboat experience like no other. Lifestyle portraits in Dallas will look amazing on the 17-foot sailboat. It has a private dock and even a club area that you will have access to. This is the perfect place for newlyweds or engagement pictures. Unlike the other two, this one isn’t free, though!


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Frisco Heritage Center

As a Dallas black female photographer, I love nothing more than the Western, country charm of the Frisco Heritage Center. It is a sunny, warm outdoor location with plenty of fresh grass and clean scenes. Just going out to explore the area will result in some pretty great results.


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The Las Colinas Canals

The Las Colinas Canals provide the photoshoot with an urban mood along the river. The canal has some Spanish and Italian influences, which can be a unique touch for the portraits. The greenery, trees, and stone walk make for a pleasant background.

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Lakeside Park

Lakeside Park is a spacious outdoor location with grassy plains and trees. The Creekside landscape includes teddy bear statues, benches, a bridge, and walking paths. The shimmering water in the background of the pictures combined with the green grass gives a nice touch.

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Hiring a Dallas black female photographer who knows the lay of the land is important if you want decent lifestyle portraits in Dallas. A local will be better able to find and use the best location since they know it like the back of their hand.


Best Locations to shoot in Dallas


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