Dallas, Texas | Debonair Male Branding Shoot

Dallas, Texas | Debonair Male Branding Shoot

Debonair Male Branding Shoot

This session of the one and only debonair The Turned Gentleman for a branding shoot in Dallas, Texas. This creatively was such a fun shoot. Both photography and videography was completed for this shoot.

Session Theme Song

Alexa, play the classic Man by Jidenna. Yep, that would be the theme song for the shoot right here. This was such a classic, Dapper type of shoot with the fashion male bloggers of Dallas,Texas The Turned Gentleman. The Turned Gentleman is all about the classic looks that may not have been seen as they used to be so very fitted clothes and very dapper. This shoot was shot with a partnership with Gillette.  The inspiration for this look was a classic hotel with muted tones and vintage decor. The vintage decor and tones matched the turned gentleman’s burgundy coat perfectly. 


So the first look we shot in the lounge area amongst some chairs that showed a casual feel and vibe to go along with the location and the fashion looks the turned gentleman had on. So this gentleman is not only very fashionable but he is a very successful entrepreneur and musician. In this promotional video we shot this for Gillette, the music that you’re hearing is his own original mix and vocals. So what all are the important components of a Dapper look you may ask? Well number one you have to have cufflinks. Cufflinks are just great accents for a Dapper look. This look would be great for a night on the town or an event. The color of the coat would be great for more fall and the texture as well as it is velvet.

Change of Scenery

The images were shot in the main open area by these beautiful greenery and wonderful natural light. I love the brightness in the colors the way they all work well together to complete this look. This to let campaign was set forth to encourage men of color to use the Gillette products. as an ambassador, the term gentleman disgust how much research Gillette has been doing on the skin of men of color with shaving products. As men of color struggle what’s the sensitivity of their skin and use the products to shave. Some products are too harsh for men of color skin, so The Turned Gentleman has been working with Gillette for ideas and feedback on this new product.

Finishing Touches

 What is your favorite look out of all of these looks? Do you or anybody you know select products? What do you think of Gillette products? 


Peace and Positive Vibes




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