Professional Photographer vs. An Amateur | Which One Do You Want for Your Wedding?

Which One Do You Want for Your Wedding?

When it comes to photography for your wedding, you obviously want the best of the best! These pictures will be the ones you frame and put around the house, or those you look at after years have passed and reminisce about the good memories. So, of course, they have to be great! When you talk about hiring professional photographer vs an amateur, you may still hesitate though.

If you hire a professional African-American photographer like me, it may sound like a good idea to you, but your wallet may disagree since amateurs are definitely cheaper. However, don’t make your decision just yet. I am here to tell you why it can definitely be worth it to hire a professional photographer for your wedding!

Knowing the Equipment

If you think the same equipment in a professional’s and an amateur’s hand will give you the same results, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Reading a manual and knowing what each button does is very different from using the equipment in the field. When you are covering a wedding, you have to be careful about the light, the environment, and the background.

An amateur will not be able to adjust settings as quickly and as acutely for the changes in light. Whether you have an outdoor shoot or an indoor shoot, a professional photographer like me understands how each angle will affect the light of the image. I can adjust my camera quickly, so you won’t have to worry about your makeup sweating away. On the other hand, an amateur takes ages to set the light for each picture because they aren’t comfortable with the controls. If you have an outdoor shoot, the sun will go down by the time they’re done.


Dedication for the Craft

When you are hiring an African American photographer, you can expect a high level of dedication to the craft. Professionals like me take post-processing and need for quick turnarounds very seriously. If you are considering whether the cost is worth it, it definitely is. I will communicate with you beforehand about how many pictures and what specific time frame you will receive them in. This can set your mind at ease and will also give me a good schedule to work with as well.

If you want to upload pictures of your wedding on your social media in a few days, you will definitely find that a professional works quicker on them.


Better Results

There is no denying that when a professional photographer is on the job, you will get wonderful results. I have been in the field for long enough to recognize potential problems before they become issues. I have encountered unforeseen circumstances and situations to know how to work around them to ensure the best results for you. The experience I have can help me deal with potential issues beforehand, unlike an amateur.

They may have difficulty adjusting to the changing situation around them because they don’t have the experience. On your special day, it is better to have a professional working with you to ensure that you have the perfect set of pictures for your wedding day.


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