Enhance Your Photography with the Best Editing Tools for PC

 Editing tools for photography

The best photo editing tools for PC can turn an average picture into an impressive one and make a great one simply extraordinary. The tools we have selected have many features that will allow you to do everything from subtle tweaks and filters to complete transformations. 

Since there are hundreds of tools to choose from, it can still be a complicated task to find the right one. To save time for you, we have outlined a handy guide on the best photo editing tools for PC.

1. Affinity Photo

With a one-time fee and comprehensive features, this professional tool has raw editing, digital painting, multi-layered composition, and professional retouching. There are also advanced features such as noise reduction and lens corrections. This gives the editor a lot of control over the quality of each image. 

2. Photoshop CC

Definitely one of the most popular picture editing tools, Photoshop CC is definitely a great tool for photographers. There are way too many useful features for us to outline since it has a lot of capabilities to completely re-vamp your pictures or have a small touchup. There is a huge selection of brushes with many complicated edits simplified with a click. It does have a monthly subscription cost, so you should look carefully into deals. 

3. Pixlr X/Pixlr E

For people who prefer browser tools, this is the best software to get. It is quite easy, and the best part is that it is free! Pixlr E has high functionality since you are able to fine-tune and change each edit as you please. It has Dropbox integration that allows collaborative work as well. It has plenty of text, filters, and adjustment functions that will be perfect for newcomers and professionals. 

4. Luminar AI

Luminar AI is probably one of the fastest editing tools released by Skylum. It has AI functions that can be quite cool for a lot of photographers wanting to try something new. The AI program suggests amazing editing options that will enhance your picture in unique styles. While it has limited export options, it can offer photographers templates to improve the images. The one-off price is quite reasonable, and the AI offers easy tweaks to skin, face, accents, eyes, and skies that can simplify the editing process. 

5. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop Pro is the best photo editing tool for PC for people who have a smaller budget. It has a one-off fee and offers amazing graphic designing features. The 2021 upgrade is definitely the most creative, easy, and fast version until now. It has a properly dedicated workspace and refined brushes in the pro version that photographers find to be quite great. 

We hope that the best photo editing tools for PC above help you revitalize your pictures so that you always have extraordinary output when it comes to your photography.


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