Reasons Why Business Collaborations Work


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Phoenix Michelle is a dynamic videographer and photographer working in Dallas, Texas. Creating a business isn’t always easy for black women, but Phoenix has managed to rise above the competition with a few unique steps. But this doesn’t mean that she keeps all her learned knowledge to herself! You can also take advantage of her experience by watching her helpful Instagram Live breakdowns.

In the last Instagram Live, she outlined how business collaborations can improve your brand. Here are some reasons you should note:


As a photographer, Michelle is definitely concerned about her portfolio since it impacts her ability to get a client. But even other professions require a solid portfolio as proof of your skill, such as a baker, graphic designer, website developer, makeup artist, model, writer, and loads more. Business collaborations can be a way to freshen up or add to your portfolio. 

Branching Out 

It is vital for businesses to branch out and try new things too. Business collaborations create an opportunity for you to try something risky that you may not necessarily do for your business, but it can be fun to try for collaboration. You don’t have to stick to what you traditionally do, which can help you explore new avenues for your business. 

For example, Phoenix usually never did newborn baby shoots, but through her collabs, she took the risk and ended up with a wonderful addition to her portfolio. 

Get Greater Exposure 

Business collaborations can lead to new audiences for your business, which can offer greater exposure for your products or services. It can lead to new followers and leads that can turn around your business. It can help you build relationships and connections that can uplift your business to newer heights. 

Save Your Money 

Business collaborations give you the chance to save up money on a possible marketing venture. For example, you will need to rent out space, model, makeup artist, clothing, props, and more to do a wedding shoot on your own. However, if you collaborate with someone, you can split the cost. People can also offer their services pro bono. You can save money and still end up getting a great addition to your portfolio. 

It is important to always look for additional sources of information when it comes to running a business. You may be able to get great ideas that you didn’t think of that can help take your business to new heights. Phoenix Michelle is launching her exclusive content soon, so if you want your brand to grow, click here to sign up.


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