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The Portrait Session Location

This portrait session was shot in the  Arlington Highlands and it has a bit of everything for everyone! Some of my favorites places are P.F. Changs, Torchy’s, Ulta, Studio Movie Grill, and Charming Charlie. I also like the aesthetic and feel of the architecture as well. This area was great for shooting Kapreta’s portrait session. The aesthetic paired well with Kapreta’s fashion and beautiful smile.


My Muse

Kapreta is a modern woman and loves fashion. Generally for my clients I will set them up with some examples of what to wear. For Kapreta I envisioned her in jeans and an off-the shoulder top. Off the shoulder tops are very feminine and look great on everyone. You can think of the off-the shoulder top as a wrap dress, everyone should have one. If you need a few tips on what to wear to a session, check out The Best Colors to Wear for a Session. Colors are great to play around with in a portrait session because you can do pops of color. For example, Kapreta’s yellow earrings served to pop her outfit. I know at times you can get caught up with matching every single piece of clothing together, but sometimes just adding a different color will upgrade your portrait.


Whenever I meet up with clients I like to bring my “goodie” bag with generally is composed of accessories like earrings, necklaces, and sunglasses. A bit from my personal collection. As you can Ms. Kapreta really enjoyed the sunglasses as well. I hate to admit it but…I have them in various colors #sorrynotsorry. Hey, don’t judge my life please! Anyways, they look super fabulous on her and helped to create a magazine type of feel.


Let’s Work Together

I love shooting portraits and capturing the best version of you. You can book a session here with me or contact me Steph@phoenixmichele.com or 817-725-7973.


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