Toffee and Honey Magazine Senior Feature


We have some EXCITING news here at Phoenix Michele Photography! We just received our first feature publication using images from a senior session in Toffee and Honey Magazine. Now if you are probably like wait..what…what does published mean and why is this great?  I’m so glad you asked, I’m going to tell ya! Well, even if you didn’t say anything…I was going to tell ya, #winning. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to see your images in a publication. 

What does it mean to get published?

In the photography industry more often than not some of a photographer’s work can be used for magazines, blogs, and more. Being published is when a magazine wants to use your images for their magazine. The reason is this so great is because it is a type of validation that is received other than the photographer themselves. I think all of my sessions and images should be published because everyone I shoot it so awesome and are great models! It also is great because it gives great exposure for other people to find Phoenix Michele Photography. I want everyone to come experience the fun that happens when shooting with Phoenix Michele Photography.

This was a short and sweet rundown of why this is so important and great for Phoenix Michele Photography. This was a goal for this year! This will be the first of many. Thank you for your continuous love and support, it is appreciated forever and always. We are especially grateful to Toffee and Honey Magazine for featuring our senior images for their beautiful publication.


Where can I find this feature?

Here is a link to  Toffee and Honey. Please visit and check it out.

Book your senior with me soon, as my available spots are limited. You can give me a call at 817.725.7973, email, or fill out my contact form. 


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