So So Good Cooking

So So Good Cooking

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About the Client

Sophia is the founder of So So Good Cooking LLC. She sells homemade meals, as well as seasonings she makes herself. She has amassed a massive following of 20.6k on her Instagram because of her amazing cooking skills. Sophia came in for a photography session so she could add more visual interest to her website, be able to appeal to more visitors, and hence have more conversions and sales. 

About the Project

The first three sessions were of Sophia’s pictures in her home in three different outfits. Dressed in vibrant reds and her merch, Sophia struck different poses to reflect her lifestyle, and I clicked away. Most of these sessions were set in Sophia’s kitchen. Shots included displays of some food as well as her seasoning products on her counter. Being exactly what she needed, these images have been used by Sophia on her website in its “Welcome” and “Fun Facts About Me” sections.

The next session included product shots of the seasonings Sophia sells through her online store. This gives the potential customer an idea of what the packaging and labels look like and also adds to the credibility factor. When the customer can see what the product looks like, they will be more convinced to buy it. This is why adding product shots to the description of the product is always a great idea.

Next, Sophia wanted some action shots as well. I caught her in her element as she worked away in her kitchen, cooking up delicious meals. I wanted to capture in these images the happiness and joy Sophia gets from doing her job, and the love with which she puts together various ingredients to create a final product. I also wanted to showcase her food in a way that looks appealing to the eyes. Even though one can’t taste the food through the images, the photographs should be good enough to make their mouth water and make them want to make a purchase.

A few behind-the-scenes shots reflect some of the effort that goes into getting the right shots. To make sure Sophia is pleased with the outcome, I put in my absolute best effort, as I have done with all my previous clients, and will continue doing so for all my future ones. 

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