Phoenix’s Universe: Coming Soon!

Phoenix MicheleEarning wages from art isn’t a new concept by any means. But it has advanced and grown into an industry where creative entrepreneurs are expanding their art in all sorts of new ways. Phoenix’s Universe is an upbeat, informative, and fun podcast for creative entrepreneurs. It holds the secrets to creating growth and opportunities that revolve around your talents. Join the podcast to learn more about how to build businesses that center you and your artistic abilities. 

Phoenix Michele

Phoenix Michele is a successful photographer from Dallas, Texas. As a creative entrepreneur herself, she knows how hard it can be to build a business. Her years of struggle to amass a following and expand her talents are definitely worth a listen. As a black woman, she has definitely stood up to face challenges that have come her way. 

Her inspiring story also comes with her years of experience. She has first-hand knowledge about what it takes to create and maintain a business on talent. Creative entrepreneurs can use her experiences and knowledge as a jumping board to success. It always helps to have the insights of an individual who has been through it already.

Creative entrepreneurs aren’t dependent on manufacturing or products like traditional business models. They are focused on their own intellectual and creative skills and knowledge. Graphic designers, photographers, painters, writers, knitters, and more can use the information in Phoenix’s Universe to stay up to date with how to run a business! 


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