The Right Marketing Strategy for Photographers


Branding and marketing are some of the most challenging aspects of having a profitable photography business. However, no photographer wants to become a marketing expert just to make their business successful, right?

But, let’s face it. If you want to break through the tough industry and let your business be known, you need to do something about it or else you will not exist long enough to maintain your brand and prosper in your photography business.

Marketing is used for all types of businesses. In these challenging times, we must be flexible and creative in making sure that we introduce our business effectively. Hence, we must find ways to ensure that we create different marketing strategies that will suit your photography business.

Consider creating your professional photography website

Who doesn’t use the internet these days? Aside from connecting to family and friends, the internet is the best way to look for different products and services that you need.

A website is your portfolio highlighting your expertise as a photographer. Portfolios are your best friend. You can include the services you provide, samples of your photoshoots, build a connection with potential clients, and get found in organic SEO or Search Engine Optimization results.

To create your digital portfolio, choose the content that you want to include. Sort through your pictures and choose the best high-quality image that best suits your brand and is visually appealing. Avoid doing too much and try to keep it simple yet meaningful.

These days there are many free tools that you can create for your content such as Canva or Wix. Create and make different designs using these tools. Feel free to experiment and try out different designs for your portfolio.

Make use of your connections

For sure nobody wants to be that annoying person who pushes their business on family, friends, or people who they meet occasionally. But if you are starting to create your photography business, you may want to seek the help of your contacts. This is your strongest asset and the beginning of your business.

Your connections are those who will introduce you to different people and maybe the ones to give you your first client. Since photography is unique, people in your connections will most likely need your services like wedding photography, anniversary, graduation, or any other special events that they want to be captured to keep as their memory.

Build your email list

Using a mailing list provider like MailChimp or Aweber helps in keeping you engaged with your clients and other personal networks. Email lists have the highest engagement and are a way for you to stay in your client’s and people’s minds.

Be sure that you ask people if you can add them to your list and always opt-in for them to subscribe. Include signup forms that will encourage them to join and consider giving away small tokens or prizes to encourage them to sign-up.

When you are sending emails, create content that people will enjoy and is interesting. Avoid being too salesy.

Make a blog on your website

Blogging is another amazing way to showcase and introduce yourself as a photographer. You can also use this as a way to reach out to your potential clients and even your followers. Here are some blog ideas you can do:

  • Provide different tips and tricks on how to capture different photos, what are the best gear – all topics that highlight your expertise as a photographer. This will also create or build a relationship with your audience.
  • Tell stories about your recent clients and about the services you have provided for them
  • Talk about specific photoshoots that involve different places such as outdoor or indoor venues
  • Discuss clothing styles, different poses, what color schemes, what props to be used, among others

Use Google Business Pages

Google is your best friend when it comes to showcasing your business, especially in the digital market. In the past years, Google continues to help other businesses and has become successful in doing so.

Most people use Google to search for the services they need. Statistics show that almost 46% of consumers look for services using google. Hence, it just makes sense that you use it to add your business to their listings.

Here’s how you can optimize your listing:

  • Add images to ensure that you get ranked on the image search. As a photographer, it is best to highlight images so people would automatically know what you do.
  • Ask for reviews and ratings from your previous clients because this will not only rank higher in the search engine but can also promote trustworthiness in the service you offer.
  • Be sure to add posts regularly on your website to provide updates.
  • Add buttons to show where you are located and where they can contact you.


When starting your own business photography, you have to put yourself out there. Clients will not come to you. Create an organized plan and strategy and stick to it. Be relentless yet careful and don’t try to do things all at once.

At first, it can be a huge and daunting task but if you push through and be patient, you will find that you have opened up new and many opportunities for you and your business.


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