To TikTok or Not To TikTok – That Is The Question!

There have been a lot of social media platforms that became very useful for many photographers such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and so much more. But what about TikTok?

If you have been hiding in the caves for a long time and are not yet familiar with this social media platform, then you should read this.

TikTok is a video social media app that has been recently making a lot of buzz as a major resource for both amateur and professional photographers. From posting short vids of photoshoot tricks, editing how-tos, different photo styles, and even fun challenges – this platform provides a plethora of information that every photographer, “noobs” and experienced, can definitely appreciate.

But aside from becoming a great resource, it is also another way of boosting your photography business, or should you?

Are you ready to dive in?

If you are thinking of using TikTok for your photography business, then you are not alone. Many others still don’t know that TikTok even exists. Even today, there are still many adults who could not imagine that this app can bring value to their lives even to their businesses.

However, there are many reasons why you should use and give TikTok a try. Here’s why:

Your clients and potential clients may already be using it

With the huge popularity of TikTok nowadays, it is not impossible to know that your clients have been using this app already. But the good news – there are other potential clients that you can still reach out to by just posting regularly.

It is not just about posting silly stuff and dancing

If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, you may have to try and check it out. True, that there is a lot of dancing and other people uploading silly things that they do. But on the other hand, the content of TikTok is so diverse and very creative.

It brings out creativity, artistry, and uniqueness on another level. Take for example posting the “BTS” or behind the scenes on every photoshoot that you do. It can be amazing how things are done during different photoshoots and see the different outcomes.

Sometimes, it is better to connect with your audience if you are showing them what you normally do on any photoshoot right?

Helps in growing all your other social media platforms

It seemed like nowadays, the different social media platforms are getting connected. Take, for example, Instagram and Facebook. You can now post your IG stories and connect them with Facebook. Photo feeds can now be seen on your Facebook as well and there’s no need to log in just to post them again. It saves you time and gets things done faster and effectively.

So, if you are going to start using TikTok for your photography business, then here are some content ideas that you can upload and use:

BTS Videos (Behind The Scene)

Hold on – this is not the famous Kpop Boy Band! They are simply the behind-the-scene videos that you can upload to your account. Let your followers in on how you do things so they will know more about you or what you do.

It is the personal touch that will make people go back for more. For example, how you take photos in the spur of the moment or what graduation or a wedding looks like. Walk them through how you photograph the different angles or show them your inspiration.

Share tips and tutorials

A lot of tiktokers are looking for information on how to make better videos and photos. As a professional photographer, you can share a few good tips and tricks. Show them how to use their camera, and what are the best lighting or angles – the topics are endless.

Explain how you edit your photos

People follow photographers because they want to be inspired and find out how you produce beautiful photos. Photo editing is a big part of photography. It can also serve as a part of your behind-the-scenes content and many people are curious about how it happens.

Many tiktokers are not just looking for tips on how to capture beautiful photos. They are also very interested in the post-production process.  Mix up different ideas like post-production for beginners and experts. It is also good to do reviews on different editing apps and programs that can lead to a photography challenge for your followers!

Take part in different TikTok trends

Yes, you may not know how to sing or dance, but it will sure look fun to see their “idol” photographer do other stuff aside from taking pictures. Participation is the key to becoming trending!

Spend some time looking through those trending or viral hashtag contents and do some stitching on your own. And that will just be a piece of cake especially when you are editing those trending vids!

Post contents of being yourself!

Sometimes it is just how you show yourself to your followers and audiences. Just have fun and show them your other side. Tell them how you spend your time when you are not working. Your favorite food perhaps or what is your all-time favorite movie, or other different stuff about you. This is how you can connect with other people – by showing that you are enjoying life and can serve as an inspiration to other people as well.


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