Using the Clubhouse App for Businesses | A Quick Guide for Business Owners

Clubhouse app for businesses

Clubhouse app on the Apple store

Clubhouse is only available on iOS for now but has been gaining a lot of influence ever since it launched in 2020. Some are comparing it to Twitter, but others insist that it is based on a different concept. Business owners need to make sure they don’t skip over the app because it can influence your brand too. The relevancy of the Clubhouse app for businesses has been outlined below. 

What is the Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse has virtual rooms where uses can share audio files with each other depending on the theme of the room. The app was launched in 2020 by Rohan Seth and Paul Davidson and is already worth $1 billion. Anyone can create and choose from different rooms where audio files turn on when you enter. The creator of the virtual room decides who gets to speak, and other users need to raise their hands if they want to join in. There are numerous topics that you can take part in, and fans suggest that it is quite an interactive process. 

One of the key points about the app is that it is quite exclusive. You can only join the app if you get invited by other members. Even after downloading the app, you won’t be able to join the rooms unless you receive the invite link for it. 

One major issue with the app is that it depends on the moderators or hosts to police what users say. Since everything occurs through audios, it is hard for Clubhouse to moderate offensive or racist language. This is why it is entirely possible for a lot of hate speech to occur on the app. 

Clubhouse App for Business

An invitation to join Clubhouse can be a huge win for the business. The exclusive nature of the app means that you will have a lot of access to prominent entrepreneurs and business leaders. For example, when MeiMei Fox joined a room on business growth, they were surprised to find big folks like USA Shark Tank investors, Tiffany Hadish, Grant Cardone, and more on the stage. This kind of interaction can make it easier for users to network with prominent names and learn insider information. 

The Clubhouse app for businesses is a good idea because you can also use it to position yourself as an expert. By gaining followers early on, you can become a thought leader that users look up to and catch up with frequently. With amazing reach potential and low dilution, the Clubhouse app is the perfect exclusive app to set yourself up as a leader over your competitors. 

It is also the perfect way to humanize your brand, which can increase the loyalty and confidence of users in your business. With the audio-based conversations, the interactions in the rooms are definitely more personal. You also don’t have to worry about stage fright and making eye contact with people. 

The Clubhouse app has developed into an interactive platform where you can gain the momentum you need to set yourself as an expert in your industry. It is a good idea to get the Clubhouse app for businesses because it can help create brand loyalty for your business.


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