How to Look Good During Online Meetings

How to Look Good During Online Meetings

These days, photography goes beyond not just in front of our DLSR lenses but also in our smartphones and even our laptops.

Because of the pandemic, we all learned to adapt and accept the changes in our daily lives, including our work. Work from home setup is the “thing” nowadays. Daily meetings are done online using different apps like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and the like.

And I also use it to communicate with my clients as well.

But while most of us work from home, it doesn’t mean that we all don’t have to prepare and look good while in front of the camera. It is still important to wash your face, comb your hair and look presentable, right?

You may have seen many memes going about with people wearing their pajamas, going in front of the camera without makeup and all. Yes, it can be funny, but we need to remember that this still works, and we must look professional despite being at home.

After all, the people we are meeting online are not only our colleagues but our clients too. So, we must represent our company the best way possible.

How to look good in front of our webcams? Here are a few things to remember:


Lighting is essential.

Having the right amount of light and the right angle is not just essential with professional photoshoots. It is also vital when doing video calls as well. You may think it does not matter since you will be talking only to your colleagues. But remember that you may be talking to potential investors, new clients, new employees, or other media contact. Hence, looking your best is ALWAYS vital.

Be sure to get the best lighting position – you are facing natural light, and the light comes behind your camera. It will ensure that your face is clear. Avoid using fluorescent lights because this will cast unwanted shadows.

Overhead lights are not advisable because they can create dark shadows under your eyes. For better lighting, you can also place two lighting sources on the camera’s right side and left side. Finally, invest in selfie lighting so you can use it for your phone, tablet, or laptop.


Raise your camera level.

There is only one good camera angle – and this is head-on at your eye level. So it is essential to fix your table and ensure that you will look directly into the camera and not look down. Having the angle lower than your eye level will give an unflattering look at you.

Place some books or use a stool to adjust its height. You may want to invest in an adjustable table so you can change its size as needed.

Test your video before the call.

Everything else must be ready before you attend the meeting. You don’t want to be tinkering on the video and sound quality while meeting. So, make sure to adjust everything – from the sound, lighting, angle, and even your appearance.

Fix your hair, clothing, and makeup to make sure that you look good while having the meeting. And ensure that all the things you need are beside you to avoid distractions.


Pick the right background.

Look for a place in your home that has less clutter and fewer distractions. For example, avoid noisy areas so they can’t capture them during your meeting.

You may also choose to change the background before your meeting. For example, Zoom allows you to select the backgrounds that can make you look more presentable during the meeting.


Be at your personal best.

Finally, dress and feel good. A little makeup is not bad even though you are not going out. Put some color on those lips, add a bit of blush and eyeshadow and fix your complexion. It will not only make you look good in front of the camera, but it will also show your professionalism and exude confidence.


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