Photoshoots During COVID-19: How to Be Safe During the Pandemic.

Photography during COVID-19

Photoshoots During COVID-19: How to Be Safe During the Pandemic.

Photography during COVID-19? At a studio? It is possible. 

Photostudios have been issued updated SOPs on how to run their photo studios, ensuring client and staff safety. In this blog, we cover essential tips on running your photography studio during COVID-19 and what clients can do to stay safe during the pandemic. 

COVID Supplies and Rigorous Cleaning

Make sure that CDC-affirmed supplies and cleaning equipment are reliably available to your staff  We suggest giving extra gloves, hand sanitizers, standard cleaning supplies, disinfectants, and masks to everyone.Request that every representative goes through 10-15 minutes purifying basic surfaces with cleaning supplies during an early afternoon break and toward the finish of every day. Follow label directions so that regularly utilized surfaces (for example, door handles, consoles, controllers, work areas, robots, truck handles) are cleaned down with each utilization.

Make sure your studio is safe for your clients.

Temperature Police

Have a staff member — a team lead or floor in charge, if possible — assigned an ear and brow thermometer. They will be responsible for checking the clients and employees’ temperatures. If anyone gives any indication of fever, they must see that they are quickly sent home. Also, make sure there is a temperature check set up at the studio entrance. 

Practice Social Distancing

Photography studios have many moving parts – individuals are doing everything from dumping boxes, examining item styling to conveying items to a set. Abiding by the suggested six-foot distance separation will keep your staff all good with coming to work and help limit the spread of disease in between. Make sure that physical work is done on specific days only. Limit yourself to one photoshoot a day. 

For everything else, software such as Teams, Slack, and FaceTime are appropriate approaches to work together while limiting face-to-face interaction.

Keep Your Clients Safe

There are certain ways you can ensure client safety during shoots. For instance, all hair and makeup should be dealt with prior to the shoot at home. You can put up DIY videos of your own to help your clients prepare. This will limit physical contact. 

For refreshments, set them all at a remote table. The clients should then pour their own drinks and fix their plates on their own rather than you serving them. The clients should limit the incoming “entourage” to just two people; people who will pose for photographs and only one additional person to help them (only if absolutely necessary). 

Hand sanitizers are everyone’s new best friend. Photo studios have been instructed by the CDC to provide clients with sanitizers, which we do. Also, everyone should keep their masks on until posing for photos. Those not intended to appear in photos should not take them off at all (unless eating). 

Want your photos done but are not sure whether it is safe? Contact us for a COVID-proof photography session and get started today. 


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