Killer Tips On How To Take Photos Using Your Phone

How To Take Photos Using Your Phone

Nowadays, who doesn’t own an iPhone or smartphone? These ingenious gadgets have brought a lot of changes not just in communication but even in photography.

In recent years, these gadgets have changed in leaps and bounds. Communication became faster and better; you can work anytime and anywhere; you can even watch and listen to music – all on just one phone.

And if you are someone who is an active user of different social media or loves taking selfies and pictures, then I know that your phone is full of images that you use in your social media account.

These days a lot of people take photos of just about anything under the sun. Your smartphone may not be up to par with DSLRs, but we all know that they are improving as time goes by.

But if you want to make sure that you produce better photos – here are some smartphone photography killer tips that you can use and snap like a pro!


Capture multiple shots

One of the most incredible things you can do with smartphones is taking as many photos as you can. Then, no matter what the outcome looked like, you can delete it if it doesn’t look good. It will make it easier for you to learn and improve on the results.

Burst photos are good to use so they can capture multiple shots as your subject keeps on moving. Then, once you are done taking the picture, you can choose the best image.


Know your camera

Take your time to learn more about what is the capability of your phone’s camera. For example, analyse the auto mode and examine how it focuses and its exposure to light. Some cameras allow you to use manual settings. Hence, it helps a lot if you know these details.


Use negative space

Negative space refers to the areas around and between the subject. When you include a lot of space, your subject will stand out and evoke a better response from the audience.

What does a negative space look like? It is often an immense open sky, empty field, a large body of water, or a large wall.

Find different perspectives

Looking for unique angles can make your photos memorable. It creates an illusion of height or depth with your subject and helps make the image stand out. For example, try taking a directed upward picture and play with the sky as your negative space.


Go outdoors and use natural light where possible

Only a few smartphones can give excellent indoor shots because of their small sensors. Hence, it is better to take photos outdoors where you can achieve proper lighting for better pictures. Lighting can not only determine the brightness and darkness of your image, but the mood, atmosphere, and tone of the photo. Therefore, try to use natural light when taking a picture.



HDR mode means High Dynamic Range, and it is common on a lot of smartphones. It helps in adding more balance to your photos. For example, it lessens the brightness of the sky or the ground being too dark. Hence, using the HDR is an excellent option to create a good photo.


Avoid digital zoom

Digital zoom produces poor results in your photo because it reduces the resolution of the image. So avoid using this to take better photos. On the other hand, optical zooms are better because they do not affect the quality of the picture. And nowadays, they are becoming more common in smartphones. But if your phone doesn’t have optical zoom yet, move closer to your subject to avoid using digital zoom.


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