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How to Use (or Avoid) Lens Flare in Photography


Flaring light behind a couple

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Lens flare has always been avoided for years in photography. Lens flare occurs due to the scattering of light inside the lens that creates lens impurities and unplanned reflection. It was previously seen as a way to ruin the image, but now, photographers are using it to create acclaimed shots.  What Causes Lens Flare? While […]

The Best Hashtag Strategies for Instagram

Instagram Tips

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Using the right hashtag strategies for Instagram is important if you want to increase your followers, engagement, and traffic. By using hashtags effectively, you can help even more users to check out your brand. The wrong hashtags can even get you penalized by the algorithm, so you have to be very conscious about the strategies […]

Influencers for Photography to Follow on Instagram

Instagram Tips

Influencers for photography

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As a photographer or lover of great shots, you should follow some influencers for photography on Instagram. This will brighten your feed and help you see trends in your preferred niche. It can even unleash your creative energy so that you can also make this world look stunning through your lens. These talented photographers have […]

Phoenix’s Universe: Coming Soon!


Phoenix Michele

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Earning wages from art isn’t a new concept by any means. But it has advanced and grown into an industry where creative entrepreneurs are expanding their art in all sorts of new ways. Phoenix’s Universe is an upbeat, informative, and fun podcast for creative entrepreneurs. It holds the secrets to creating growth and opportunities that […]

So So Good Cooking

Branding & Bloggers

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About the Client Sophia is the founder of So So Good Cooking LLC. She sells home-made meals, as well as seasonings she makes herself. She has amassed a massive following of 20.6k on her Instagram because of her amazing cooking skills. Sophia came in for a photography session so she could add more visual interest […]

Maternity Portraits in Dallas: How to Get the Best Ones

Session Tips

Maternity photography

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When it comes to maternity photography, it all comes down to preparation. A little light, the perfect lens, and of course, the right pose are some essential ingredients to get maternity portraits right. Skill alone will not get you there, though. It is an art in itself and the best at it out there just […]

Best Mural Locations to Shoot in Dallas, Texas | Locations for Photography in Dallas

Creative Projects

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If you are in Dallas and want some fun shots to post on Instagram or to have a proper video or photography production, you need to look out for murals. The best mural locations to shoot in Dallas, Texas, provide amazing backdrops that can make your photography stand out.  Cactus Wall 2702 Main Street, Dallas, […]

Best Locations for Lifestyle Portraits in Dallas


Best Locations to Shoot in Dallas

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Lifestyle portraits in Dallas are designed to show a “slice of life.” As a Dallas black female photographer, I have taken my fair share of lifestyle portraits with families, couples, and kids. The point of the portrait series is to give the viewer a story about how they interact with each other. There are some […]

Professional Photographer vs. An Amateur | Which One Do You Want for Your Wedding?


Which One Do You Want for Your Wedding?

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When it comes to photography for your wedding, you obviously want the best of the best! These pictures will be the ones you frame and put around the house, or those you look at after years have passed and reminisce about the good memories. So, of course, they have to be great! When you talk […]

Dallas, Texas | Debonair Male Branding Shoot

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Dallas, Texas | Debonair Male Branding Shoot This session of the one and only debonair The Turned Gentleman for a branding shoot in Dallas, Texas. This creatively was such a fun shoot. Both photography and videography was completed for this shoot. Session Theme Song Alexa, play the classic Man by Jidenna. Yep, that would be […]